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Sound therapy, when applied correctly, can provide short and long term relief from tinnitus.


Sound Therapy for Tinnitus Relief

Sound therapy is the use of outside sounds to interfere with tinnitus, and/or to enable relaxation in conjunction with appropriate education and counseling in the treatment of tinnitus. It has been proven to be one of the most effective1 tinnitus management approaches. Our treatment program, Habituation Retraining Therapy (HaRT) is a sound therapy based approach which includes use of a sound generating device within a specific, advanced, audiologist-supervised program.

Sound generating devices have been used formally as part of structured tinnitus treatment programs, and not simply as maskers, for about 30 years. This approach has evolved, and today there are several different types of devices that can be used in the treatment of tinnitus; however, a device alone is unlikely to provide sufficient relief by itself. Part of our expertise lies in working with you to create a treatment plan and in guiding you in the use of your device and monitoring your progress.

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We have just a couple payments left and my husband is still very pleased with how his tinnitus has been managed using the Serenade. He uses it every day in fact, there are just occasional times when he doesn't. It has been very easy to deal with everyone on the phone whenever I call and any issues we have are always handled. I can’t believe there are so many people that suffer with tinnitus! I have a few friends and even my neighbor who has it and I give them your number right away and tell them to call!

Tinnitus relief

Thank you so much for your team and your support! I haven't even started treatment yet but I already feel better about everything. You guys truly listen and really do care. The person I spoke with earlier today (one of the contributors/inventors of the Serenade) was very kind, helpful and informative! I had a complete turn around in my day and my perspective on this condition. You guys taking your time to always talk really does help.... I already feel happier and was able to be fully present around my 3 year old son, something I haven't been able to do since I've had this condition. I'm already noticing it a little less and I have not started treatment. I'm really excited for the video appointment with the audiologist I will be working with. Anyway thank you all so much.

Sound therapy can help provide relief through masking, habituation, and relaxation.

Masking: Masking refers to covering up the tinnitus with an alternative sound and has an immediate, short-term effect; you notice the benefit while you are exposed to the masker. Turning on a fan or background music serves as a very simple type of masking. Prescription sound therapy devices have more sophisticated, customized masking sounds and options.

Habituation: Habituation, which is more gradual, refers to a reduction in the occurrence of tinnitus as well as a decrease in the severity or loudness when you do notice it. One advantage of successful habituation is that it allows you to enjoy relief even when you are not using the sound therapy device.

Relaxation: Relaxation is important in breaking the cycle of stress and tinnitus contributing to each other, so it has both short and long term benefits.

Devices: We offer a variety of sound therapy devices to suit different patient needs. Because tinnitus is often accompanied by hearing loss, sound therapy can include the use of specialized tinnitus hearing aids that provide both amplification and masking in one device. In the HaRT program, we use these, as well as devices that provide no amplification. Your Tinnitus Treatment Solutions audiologist can work with you to understand and compare device options.

Sound therapy can help
1. Worldwide Research Reports: Focus on the Clinic. Tinnitus Today. 2011 Summer; 36(2):14-17.

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