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Label: Slanted Records
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Truly an international ministry, Detour 180 from New Zealand has been one of the busiest bands in Christian music since making their permanent home in the US almost one year ago. Spirit West Coast, GMA’s Music In The Rockies, Parachute Festival (NZ) and ShoutFest ‘06 will round out this year’s extensive touring highlights

Offering a versatile approach to fulfilling individual ministry needs, drummer Neill McCulloch states “We don’t want to become the ‘Detour Show’ – that’s not what we’re about. We want to serve the churches and leaders we partner with to help support their programs as they reach into the community. No concert or event is ever alike”

Lead singer Adrian Robertson on being in a band: “The chance to serve people… We’ve learned a lot about the backwards wisdom of God. When you make happiness your goal, you never find it. But when you make serving others your goal – happiness find you. It’s a beautiful thing!”

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