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Escaping from the one-dimensional sound that plagues a plethora of hip-hop artists, JRemy displays his diversity on stage with an explosive performance that will captivate the entire room. Featuring a live touring band, JRemy brings the gospel through hip-hop in a way not many have experienced. Transforming his live sound to compliment any type of event, thousands have seen him share the stage with artists like Superchic[k], Seventh Day Slumber, KJ-52, and Jars Of Clay.
Following up the successful debut EP Rebirth of Hip-Hop, JRemy has taken the spotlight yet again with his sophomore release The Backwoods Legend. The soulful R&B ballad “Remedy” landed #1 on the R&R/Billboard chart this year. The album balances out with the hype anthem “Country Boys” and the ever-unique country hip-hop hoe-down in “Bring ‘Em Back Down Here.” Covering topics from hope to healing, Mississippi to marriage, and fun to faith – JRemy effectively delivers what others have been trying to artfully capture for years.

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