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Label: Beatmart Recordings
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PETTIDEE: an emcee that demands your attention. If his music doesn’t spark your soul, his driven and focused personality is sure to turn your head.
Presence: unbelievable on the mic, credible on the street, unstoppable in the club, relevant in your church – truly legendary material that forces every listener to lend their ears…and their hearts.
Purpose: latest album Thug Love (Beatmart/Sony BMG) communicates his message with a calculated vengeance. Allowing a personal look into his past and present, Pettidee is confident that this work represents a life redeemed - but isn’t afraid to deliver with full strength. “I’ve always been aggressive and I’m going to do what God has called me to do…my purpose is to show you the love of Christ.”
Power: applying the same force live, Pettidee’s larger-than-life performance grips your entire senses including your soul. You will not want to let this experience go…

Pettidee Live

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