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Willie Will

Label: Beatmart Recordings
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Game recognizes game, and Willie Will brings his game to the table. Hailing from the Seattle, WA suburb of Everett, Willís game was formed and polished on the streets. His sound is a blend of hood life reality mixed with the heart of a soldier. This drive adds an often unheard authenticity to the stories he spits on the microphone.
Ready to make his own musical path, Willie Will is now fully equipped to take his hip-hop game to a much larger stage. After dropping three independent albums which generated critical acclaim in the Northwest, Beatmart Recordings steps in to allow the world a glimpse into the life of Willie Will by releasing Reflection this summer.
When he walks into a room, Will’s charismatic personality instantly provides a boost of energy and people are automatically drawn to him. The same applies to the stage. Every ounce of compassion and energy flows through Will during his performances – from getting the crowd involved, to the lyrics he rhymes, on down to challenging people with the message of Christ.

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