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What are users of FPC® saying?

We run together as a team and have never been as satisfied with products as we are with this product the FPC. We have a 1997 Kenworth W900L with a 455 catipillar engine, 390 rears, 13 speed. Before using the FPC, we were getting 4.8 to 5.5 mpg. Now since we have been using FPC we have seen from 6.5 to 7.3 depending on the conditions. We did the figuring and found that we're getting 10,000 more miles out of the same amount of fuel.

We also found out from a mechanic when we put our truck on the dino, he said that we can run our truck more miles before we re-build our engine. That felt good to hear the engine is still able to run more miles, now that we have found FPC.

Oh, by the way we are also using it in our new TOYOTA 4- RUNNER.

German & Patricia Burgueno / owner-operators


I am a independent truck operator and have been using fuel additives for 2 years trying to burn fuel better and avoid contaminants, water and carbon build up. Since learning about new ultra low sulfur diesel I was having concern about BTU's and lubricity on new fuel.

After checking them all I wanted to try FPC. After just 1 gallon of treatment with FPC I have increased fuel mileage from 6.6 -6.7 to 7.1-7.3 depending on conditions. I have also increased pulling power on hills, snappy starts with smoother Idle. I drive a 2002 Peterbilt 387 with a 550 Cat and 18 speed. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend to any over the road truck driver worried about ultra low sulfur fuel.

SDL Enterprises, Stan Blom
Grimes, IA


When I first saw your commercial, I was doubtful about your product. I own 5 trucks since 1999 and we have tried everything to save on fuel, but most other products have done nothing at all or not enough to make me purchase it. However, fuel prices now have most owners and operators like me willing to try anything that will reduce our fuel cost.

I drive an International with 1 1/2 million miles and the other truck that we tested is a Kenworth with just under 200,000 miles. The International went from 5.2 mpg to 6.0 mpg and the Kenworth went from 5.9 mpg to 6.4 mpg. That means that the International got a 15.3 percent increase and the Kenworth got a 8.5 percent increase in miles per gallon. Both trucks also seemed to idle, drive and pull better.

The average weekly fuel used round trip on my International on my weekly run was 1110 gallons. After adding FPC, the gallons I used in that truck dropped to 942 gallons for the same weekly trip. At today’s price, that is a savings of $461.00 per week for just one truck I own.

Robert Schultz, Schultz Express Inc.
Des Moines, IA