Website Development

We know you have thousands of options to create your website. There's nearly as many web design companies as there are lawyers. On top of that, you have options to build your own with point and click templates that can have your website okay in no time. And of course, your cousin will build you one for free and your bosses son has spare time to figure out how.

We are thrilled you have made us one of your Website Developer choices!

Why should you choose Astonished Man?

  • We will love you more! You receive personal attention and your business handled with care.
  • We have been designing websites for clients for 27 years, so we must be doing something right.
  • You get a custom website that meets your needs, not a template based design.
  • We can help you secure a domain and hosting solution.
  • Content writing assitance is available.
  • Special features and requests are never a problem. Challenges are encouraged!
  • Experienced with many E-commerce solutions and payment gateways.
  • Audio/Video media websites are a snap.
  • We know what SEO is!


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Web Application Development / PHP Programming


Do you have an impressive idea? You've tried to find an on-the-shelf solution, but it just isn’t out there? We can help! The advantage of custom web applications is that they are tailored exactly to the way your business works.

Astonished Man Design specializes in building dynamic, scalable and accessible web applications to satisfy a variety of needs. From simple web forms to complex systems that manage a wide array of data and functionality. We have built from scratch large membership applications from niche service subscriptions to coupon based services which work hand in hand with mobile applications. Our tools, processes, and practices ensure that we deliver the best possible performance and user experience.

Website Hosting and Domain Management

Need hosting for your website, or just looking for a new solution? Astonished Man can host your website and provide email service @ your domain. Our servers offer cPanel for self managing, or if you would rather, we will manage your account for you, setting up emails and other server duties at no additional cost. If specialized server parameters are needed to support your website features, we have other server partnerships to the perfect solution for your application.

Every web presence needs a domain that will be easy to communicate and market. Astonished Man Design can help you secure your branded domain and even manage that domain for you year after year. We have years of experience in domain rescue if you find yourself in a situation where someone else registered your domain and you can no longer contact them. Let use rescue your domain!

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print design

Logo Branding & Print Design

Logo design is the reason a person will choose a product three times more often when considering yours from the other guy. Its your brand or logo design which easily distinguishes your business or organization from others in your particular industry and that's where a corporate business logo or a product logo from Astonished Man Design can help. We have both in-house artists and award winning contracted design artists to make your brand stand out.

Astonished Man Design also offers a full range of print design for mailers, brochures, catalogs, flyers, business cards, product packaging and more. We can provide files for your own printer, or use one of our printing solutions so that you have nothing to worry about.

Reselling Our Services

Want to open a web design division of your company. Astonished Man Design will work for you. Companies like Mark 3 Printing and Computer Troubleshooters have found it more effiecient to secure Astonished Man Design to be their web development division rather than hiring their own designers and purchasing the equipment and software necessary to offer web design services to their clients.

If you would like more information about reselling turn key solutions from Astonished Man Design, contact us.