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Together we can do more.

We work with thousands of hearing healthcare providers to make sure tinnitus patients get the best care. If you are an existing partner, sign in below to access resources. If you would like to become a partner, please fill out the form below.


Become a Programming Partner

partner with tinnitus treatment solutions

Join us! We are seeking independent programming partners to expand the availability of quality, customized tinnitus treatment and to help more patients get the relief they deserve.

"The incredible staff at Tinnitus Network and Tinnitus Treatment Solutions have changed the way I work with my tinnitus patients. Clinically my job is easier and I have more success with tinnitus patients than ever. Their staff are professional, brilliant and caring. I feel safe putting my patients in their hands."
- Tiffany, Au.D., CCC-A, F-AAA

A Chance to Help Tinnitus Sufferers
An estimated 1 in 10 adults suffers from some degree of tinnitus. We have found that for those who receive treatment with hearing aids or sound therapy, the relief they obtain can be life changing. If you are a hearing health professional, you can help these patients find relief by becoming a Tinnitus Treatment Solutions partner for patients in your area.

Advanced Technology
We are continually working toward our goal of becoming the leader in accessible, effective, and affordable tinnitus treatment. We offer the highest level of technology in both tinnitus hearing aids and sound therapy. Combined with our thorough and attentive patient education and counseling, this is a powerful treatment approach.

A Business Opportunity for You
Becoming a partner is easy. We offer full training and support to help you get started and to continue successfully. Each device programming takes about an hour and we take care of the rest – all patient education, follow up, and device questions.

Description of Your Role
A TTS partner is a hearing healthcare professional (audiologist, dispenser) who performs the necessary steps to fit a tinnitus treatment device. We provide all patient education and care before, during, and after treatment.

We love what we do, and we love seeing patients feel better!

What Our Partners Have to Say About Our Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus help

I want to thank you for the referral of a tinnitus patient. I have to admit when I first received the appointment I was hesitant as to what this would entail. I was pleased to find out that my patient had been appropriately counseled before he even entered the office. The evaluation was fast and the patient was provided a solution in a timely manner. Had it not been for this referral, this patient would likely not have ended up in our office. Personally I really enjoy the challenge of a tinnitus patient. However, due to changes in how I manage my time, I do not always have the appropriate time or resources to devote to properly counseling this type of patient. I believe this partnership will allow me to continue to practice my skills with tinnitus treatment along with providing the best possible care to the patient. Again thank you very much for the referral.
Katie C., CCC-A, FAAA
Doctor of Audiology

Tinnitus relief

I am happy to share that TTS was able to assist me a great deal with a tinnitus patient. This patient was suffering severely from tinnitus; impacting his sleep, waking hours, causing anxiety to the point of seeking help with medication. The counseling provided by Dr. Jeff offered amazing support to this patient. He also assisted me in programming of hearing aids for tinnitus support. Without the help and expertise of TTS this patient would have returned his hearing aids and given up on hearing help as a solution to his tinnitus problem. I will certainly return to TTS whenever I have a patient with severe tinnitus.
Karen S.
Hearing Instrument Specialist


  • Excellent care and service for tinnitus sufferers
  • Compensation per device fitting/programming
  • Increase patient flow to your existing practice
  • Flexible schedule
  • Focus on the programming and collect your fee. Leave the rest to us.

We hope you will consider joining our network of partner programmers, helping patients enjoy a quieter, more relaxing, and tinnitus-free life.

Become a Partner

If you are a clinician interested in partnering with us please complete the form below. Thank you for your interest.

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