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It's less complicated than you think.

Tinnitus sufferers today are bombarded with a confusing array of different messages – everything from “nothing can be done” to miracle cures. We’ve heard them all. Let us help you navigate and evaluate your choices so you can make an informed decision.


Tinnitus Treatment Options

Tinnitus is complex, but treating it really is not. There are a few important things to understand about tinnitus treatment options, and about why we use the sound therapy approach that we use. Knowing these will help you to determine the path that is right for you.

  • Customization: Every patient is different. Your tinnitus is unique, so your treatment needs to be customized to you. There is no “one size fits all” tinnitus solution.
  • Good Science: You want a treatment approach that is based in science. Although tinnitus is still not completely understood, scientists do know that it is related to aberrant brain activity. (Altering, interrupting, or interfering with that brain activity is our goal.) We also know that how one reacts to the tinnitus sound is an important determinant of how bothersome it is.
  • Safety and Efficacy: There is no pill, vitamin, herb, or oil that has been shown to be effective in treating tinnitus. There is also no drug or medication that treats tinnitus (although there are medications that can address some related symptoms such as anxiety or sleeplessness.)
  • Non-invasiveness: We assume that most people would prefer a non-invasive, non-surgical approach to tinnitus relief rather than an invasive one.
  • Responsible Care: Because tinnitus has so many potential causes, our clinician that works with you may suggest that you see a medical doctor for an evaluation prior to beginning treatment with us. A proper diagnosis is the first step in responsible care.
  • Expectations: Sound therapy has been proven to be the best approach to relieving tinnitus, but getting relief may take some time. The brain patterns that contribute to your perception of the tinnitus sound may have been there for a while. We are willing to work with you through the stages of relief and recovery. You also need to be prepared to work through these stages and to be an active participant in your healing process.
  • Convenience: Until now, tinnitus sufferers often had to live with their symptoms because few clinicians have had the training, confidence, expertise, experience, and time to treat tinnitus effectively. We have solved this problem by giving all patients, nationwide, immediate phone and online access to our expert clinical team. Patients often ask us “where we are located”; The answer is that we are located everywhere there is a phone or internet connection! We currently offer services nationwide in the US and UK by 1) conducting the majority of patient interactions by phone/internet; and 2) partnering with thousands of local affiliated offices for in-person testing, device adjustments, or other specific functions as needed. No longer do you need to “just live with it”. Now you can get help for your tinnitus from the comfort of your own home – or anywhere you take your mobile device.
The sound therapy approach that we offer (Habituation Retraining Therapy, or HaRT) is intended for adults who have enough hearing to be able to hear treatment sounds; If you have severe hearing loss or profound deafness, this approach is not suitable for you. Our audiologists can help you determine if this is the case.


We love what we do, and we love seeing patients feel better!

What People Have to Say About Our Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus help

Thank you for listening to me and helping me take that first step. With your help I cried tears of joy with the audiologist after she first fitted me with my hearing aids today. I appreciate you and the audiologist so much!

Tinnitus relief

Working with my clinical specialist on a weekly basis was great. He was very informative, professional and had all the answers to my questions. I am glad I had an opportunity to try the sound machine (Serenade). If you have tinnitus try the sound machine- it may work for u. Thank u again for all your help.

Don't give up on getting relief. Thankfully, tinnitus can be managed very effectively.

Our sound therapy approach is called Habituation Retraining Therapy, or HaRT. Although sound therapy in general has been around for a long time, it continues to evolve. In this respect, HaRT, represents a step forward in tinnitus care.  To help you decide whether this approach is right for you we have prepared this decision tool.

Sound therapy always requires the use of a sound generating device, and there are several different devices that can be used. We help you learn about these options and choose the best one for you.

By providing advice, education, counseling, and monitoring via telemedicine, we reduce the number of trips you need to make to a clinician’s office. This minimizes the time, cost, and anxiety associated with your treatment.

Loud Sounds can cause tinnitus

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