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HaRT: A new, guided treatment program led by a team of clinicians devoted solely to tinnitus, conveniently experienced by you (wherever you are) via teleaudiology. HaRT represents a leap forward in both effective tinnitus care, and in the way it is delivered.


Habituation Retraining Therapy (HaRT)

We know that use of a treatment device alone is not usually sufficient to provide long term relief for ringing ears. The care, guidance, and counseling of a qualified treatment provider is also critically important.

You need a tinnitus clinician with deep knowledge of this condition, patience and commitment to working with you through all stages of relief, and an effective treatment protocol that you can and will follow. All of these elements are important to produce a successful outcome, but until now have been difficult to find, (especially without the added inconvenience of having to drive too far.)

The Habituation Retraining Therapy (HaRT) program is unique in offering all of these important components of care: tinnitus education and information expertise, proper use of sound therapy, and routine interaction with a tinnitus-focused audiologist. Tinnitus management skills and sound therapy are used for short-term relief; retraining and correction of hypermonitoring faciliate long-term habituation relief. We also minimize the necessity for office visits, driving, copays, and stress by delivering HaRT to you where YOU are, via modern teleaudiology tools.

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What People Have to Say About Our Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus help

Working with my clinical specialist on a weekly basis was great. He was very informative, professional and had all the answers to my questions. I found the advice that was given very helpful, and was very grateful to have genuine, and informed advice.

Tinnitus relief

Sometimes I get stressed during the day and my tinnitus gets louder so I like having the masker to manage it. The windows of time when I am not perceiving my tinnitus are getting longer. Now I have up to 6 hours at a time without noticing it. Tai chi has also been helping with the stress. This approach is working, so I have not been on the tinnitus self help website in a while. Overall I am very pleased with Tinnitus Treatment Solutions and am happy with my results.

The three core components of HaRT are:

1. Expert tinnitus education and information
It is important that you to receive thorough, accurate, and individualized information about tinnitus, its physiological and perceptual components, and the process of habituation. Our counseling and education sessions lay out the facts about tinnitus and how care is provided to give relief, and guide you through the process of getting short-term and long-term benefit.

2. Proper use of sound therapy
Correct integration of a sound therapy device into daily life is critical. The HaRT program helps you to learn new skills like passive listening and to understand how relief occurs. Guidance on correct device usage and identification of basic milestones of progress give you confidence in the treatment.

3. Regular interaction with a tinnitus expert audiologist
The HaRT program includes regular interaction with your Tinnitus Treatment Solutions audiologist during treatment to facilitate the best personalized outcome possible. This is both proactive, during which the audiologist regularly reaches out to you, and reactive, where your clinician is available to answer any questions you may have as they arise.

In addition to counseling and education sessions, HaRT includes screening and assessment for tinnitus and hearing loss, sound therapy device customization and instruction for use, development of clinical milestones, and treatment monitoring as you progress. Interactions are both in person and through telemedicine (phone, internet) as appropriate.

The HaRT program is a proprietary treatment approach that is unique to Tinnitus Treatment Solutions. It draws from other well established, evidence-based approaches while also incorporating the most convenient methods and technologies for you and the learnings of our own clinical experts, gathered from years of patient interactions.

HaRT habitation retraining therapy for tinnitus

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