Shine through the Stars
Release Date: April 15, 2008
Label: OMG Records

Track Listing:
1. If it comes down
2. Crazy Beautiful
3. Nothing like you
4. Drown
5. Doubts or Disbelief
6. All Creation
7. History Tonight
8. All I Can Say
9. God & King
10. Desires
11. You & I
12. Don’t walk away
13. Stars are meant to shine



Chasen EP
Release Date: 2006
Label: OMG Records

Track Listing:
1. Crazy Beautiful
2. Nothing Like You
3. Shine through the stars
4. Solar-Centered Symphony
5. Here I am




Hands-down the best indie album of 2008 and one of the best Christian albums in recent memory, Chasen's debut was one of the few that deserved every bit of the pre-release hype. Much of the buzz came from the early single Crazy Beautiful, which reached #2 on Christian radio charts long before Shine through the Stars arrived as a complete project. Chasen's jangly melodic rock dwells in that coveted space between preachy and secular, between subtle and overt, between poignant and under the radar. The subject matter is universal, and the conclusions are not unique. But the way Chasen arrives at those conclusions makes you nod in silent agreement as you realize he is singing your soul.
Reviewed by Jared Johnson, All Music Guide (
4.5 stars*

The new indie-pop band carry payloads that are a bit more sophisticated than mainstream power pop. The success is in the subtlety where hooks are hidden but nonetheless magnetic. The gentle crooning of lead singer Chasen Callahan and the multifaceted guitar tones that carry the nuances of this Greenville, South Carolina, trio promise to bring sweetly toned Christian sunny folk pop to the iPods of college rockers far and wide.
Worship Leader Magazine: March/April

While Chasen has strong crossover potential, they unhesitatingly proclaim the holiness of the Lord in “God & King.” Their song “Crazy Beautiful” started taking over Christian radio before the album released. With this 13-song collection, Chasen is bound to shine as one of the brightest bands of this year.
CBA Retailers & Resources Magazine

Chasen Callahan writes catchy, meaningful tunes that grab your attention with great hooks, relevant vocals and interesting twists. There are little flashes of instrumental genius throughout the disc. The banjo on All Creation is a nice touch.

The disc is a nice mix of poppy tunes, often reminiscent of Squeeze. There are also some really nice worship tunes on the disc. All I Can Say and God & King are at home in a church or a club. Normally, I hold David Crowder as the Gold Standard for modern worship songs. Chasen gives him a run for his money with the above mentioned tunes, however.