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Patient Feedback

  • I got a lot of help from these people, they gave me hope and talked to me anytime I needed to talk to someone. Others took away my hope. I recommend calling them, they know more than the others! Great people to talk to. There are solutions for this malady!
  • Thank you so much for your team and your support! I haven't even started treatment yet but I already feel better about everything. You guys truly listen and really do care. The person I spoke with earlier today (one of the contributors/inventors of the Serenade) was very kind, helpful and informative! I had a complete turn around in my day and my perspective on this condition. You guys taking your time to always talk really does help.... I already feel happier and was able to be fully present around my 3 year old son, something I haven't been able to do since I've had this condition. I'm already noticing it a little less and I have not started treatment. I'm really excited for the video appointment with the audiologist I will be working with. Anyway thank you all so much.
  • I was not expecting to feel so much better after such a short time using the devices, and my TTS audiologist was super supportive. This whole process could not have been better. It has been miracle level fabulous. I feel like I have been cured. I am absolutely thrilled and could not be happier with my experience with TTS.
  • I love it. This has helped tremendously. People at work have noticed that I am much more relaxed. I didn't realize that it was affecting me that much. I have even had a few periods where I haven't noticed my tinnitus at all.
  • I’ve been very impressed with the service I have received from TTS and from my provider at the clinic. I tried different hearing aids at three other offices, and I didn’t have any luck at all. I’ve been really pleased with my experience here. It’s really nice that my TTS audiologist has taken the time to follow up with me to make sure I’m happy and doing well. Everyone has been so nice and friendly, and I would recommend TTS to anyone with tinnitus.
  • I really thank you for your help. You guys are absolutely top notch professionals and I really thank you for all the help you have given me.
  • Thanks again for all your time today. I believe you have a better understanding of Tinnitus than anybody I have ever talked to.
  • My update---I'm very, very happy with all of you and Hearing Life. EVERYONE has been incredibly kind and patient with me. I'm so excited I could bust right now. Thank you so much for being there for me. If I need you in any way I know I can contact Meg, right? But at this moment..............I"M GOOD!! God's blessings to you.
  • Dr. Bush is a very very kind lady. I'm so glad to [have been] matched with her with my start of this recovery. She gave me a lot of reassurance and how to properly use the sound generators. I'm trying to actively not think about my tinnitus. I know when I do that, it puts me in a spiraling whirlpool. It's very difficult, but I know I won't get anywhere if I keep thinking about it. I really do hope I see some improvement in my health. I've been wasting a lot of money with different medications, medical appointments, etc.
  • I have talked to many folks about tinnitus in the last 12 years and you are the best. I was skeptical of your company thinking it was just a site to refer people to others to collect a fee. I hope to talk to you again soon. I am also enclosing a couple of recent audiograms. I really appreciate your time.
  • Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. [My wife’s] sleep was so much more improved with the sound generator in use (we set it to the ocean setting). She only woke up once in a semi panic, which is so much better than she has been since this whole situation started. Thank you again for your thoughtfulness, support and concern. This gives us great hope that in fact there is some light at the end of the tunnel.
  • I went to a doctor, and he threw his hands up and said “I don’t know what to tell you. You’re just going to have to live with it.” He didn’t know what to do about it. I changed doctors. Then I got a referral and saw a neurosurgeon who said “I can’t justify doing anything.” I came back to my new doctor and he sent me to an ENT. He [the ENT] just reached out and shook my hand and said, “Welcome to the club, I’ve had it for seven years. There’s nothing we can do.” I went to two doctors and five specialists and got nothing. I’ve lost quality of life because of this. I found Tinnitus Treatment Solutions online. I guess somebody cares now – that is what makes a difference to me. The others just didn’t seem like they cared. You all coach me along, and guide me to help me with my tinnitus. I’m just overjoyed I found somebody who cares, and who can help me fix this. Thank you, you give me hope. I refuse to live with “nothing can be done” – that’s why I’ve kept on. You understand what I’ve been going through. You’re a Godsend.
  • You are the first doctor to have an answer offering a solution to my dilemma in over a year and a half. I have confidence for the first time in a long time. Thank you very much!
  • I think [TTS] made a wonderful recommendation. I am still doing quite well with my new tinnitus hearing aids and I notice so much difference. I have had lots of meetings lately for work, and the difference is just day and night. I don’t have to strain to listen anymore and I don’t notice my tinnitus as much as I used to
  • I’ve had tinnitus since 2012 and it is unbearable. I saw an ENT who told me there was no solution, just deal with it and learn to live with it – that was bad, when he said that I felt like I’d been punched. [TTS Audiologist] William gave me some good news, and hope, and now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I appreciate that.
  • You people are awesome, and you all inspire me so much. It's great to know that there are people on this earth that will try to help others like me. You are truly an inspiration to mankind. Thanks my friend.
  • I think your program is really interesting and definitely filling a void in the audiological community.
  • It reduces emotional stress [from tinnitus] by knowing that the sound therapy is there when I need it.
  • Something that was really bothersome is becoming something I barely pay attention to.
  • I’m so grateful for what you guys are doing. You’re giving people hope, which is what’s most important.
  • You people have been very helpful. My experience has been wonderful!
  • I appreciated the info and comforting words that calmed me down.
  • William (audiologist), I thank you immensely and enormously for all your help. You have been wonderful!
  • Sometimes I get stressed during the day and my tinnitus gets louder so I like having the masker to manage it. The windows of time when I am not perceiving my tinnitus are getting longer. Now I have up to 6 hours at a time without noticing it. Tai chi has also been helping with the stress. This approach is working, so I have not been on the tinnitus self help website in a while. Overall I am very pleased with Tinnitus Treatment Solutions and am happy with my results.
  • Since December, I've continued using the Serenade every day. The perception of the pitched loud tone, which was the major cause of annoyance is now to basically to a level 1 (scale 1-10) and has remained like that for months now, and at times is even so quiet that I can't perceive it at all, basically I am ignoring it. So the S-tones technology does work, and I am happy with this specific habituation result.
  • I slept better last night than I've slept in a very long time.
  • I went to so many places trying to get information about Meniere’s and tinnitus. No one that I talked to was able to do anything with the tinnitus. I was told I couldn’t get a hearing aid, that it wouldn’t help or that I needed two hearing aids when my problem was just with one. I’ve already experienced a time where my tinnitus was practically, totally gone. I thank you very much. This is a great program!
  • I am happy to share that Tinnitus Treatment Solutions was able to assist me a great deal with a tinnitus patient. This patient was suffering severely from tinnitus; impacting his sleep, waking hours, causing anxiety to the point of seeking help with medication. The counseling provided by Dr. Jeff offered amazing support to this patient. He also assisted me in programming of hearing aids for tinnitus support. Without the help and expertise of Tinnitus Treatment Solutions this patient would have returned his hearing aids and given up on hearing help as a solution to his tinnitus problem. I will certainly return to TTS whenever I have a patient with severe tinnitus.
  • I found Tinnitus Treatment Solutions online in my quest for answers to the constant ringing in my ears that seemed to appear recently in my 51 years of life. Concerned I sought help and found Tommy and Alex with TTS who got me in touch with Kelly at a local hearing center. THEY LISTENED TO ME. They all worked together to get me testing, hearing aids and a monthly plan to finance my new ears. The tinnitus treatment is working. I can hear my boss in the next office. I can hear what my friends and my son are saying to me. I honestly cried the moment Kelly turned my hearing aids on as I didn't realize what I had been missing out on all these years. TTS, Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • Just wanted to say thank you for passing on my concerns to Kevin. After discussing my situation with him I feel a lot more calm and positive. He was extremely helpful and I'm so grateful he has offered his help at any time if I should need it.I've had the most prolonged period of relief I've experienced yet. I've noticed snatches of relief here and there but when it lasted into the night I was really on cloud nine. I've noticed more and more the relief, but the condition is so abstract that often when it returns it's confusing; "Was the relief just my imagination?" But the relief has been so solid and real lately, that it's now irrefutable. Understanding that it is still fairly early in the treatment, it has all been enough to really lift me up and make me look forward to life without the condition! The relief comes and goes, and I contrast it to life before I had this kind of ticket to relief in my hands! So, all in all, so far so good, and I'm really looking forward! Relief is becoming more and more a reality instead of purely hope.
  • Since Monday I have been using the Serenade and it is consistently performing as offered, and today for the first time I woke up without the T. The T came back after a few minutes but at a level below the level I would normally be aware of. And through the day I have little pockets of time where I don't feel it or I'm not aware of the T. Yes, I am happy with the results so far and will continue using the Serenade and hopefully I will be able to make more progress get to the point of getting an extended relief. I know that to get to that point I will need more time and several months with the sound treatment.
  • My name is Tony. I have tinnitus. At first it was a frightening experience. I thought I would go out of my mind. I had never heard of the condition. I went to urgent care twice with no positive results. I went to an ENT specialist he diagnosed me with tinnitus/hearing loss and told me it wasn't anything they could do for it. so I contacted Tinnitus Treatment Solutions, which I found on the website. And oh what a find. Meg, my audiologist was super with helping me get control of myself. She explained everything about tinnitus you would want to know. Meg's very professional and special to me. She told me ways I could cope with the condition. Also called me constantly to check up on me. Also the hearing device works very well for the times I had to use it. But all in all having someone like Meg probably is all an individual will need. Keep up the good work, thanks.
  • Thank you for listening to me and helping me take that first step. With your help I cried tears of joy with the audiologist after she first fitted me with my hearing aids today. I appreciate you and the audiologist so much!
  • I truly appreciate all the time you took with me on the phone. You were so kind to do that. I was feeling so helpless and alone and afraid of this problem with the ringing in my ear, but I feel better after talking to you. You gave me some hope. Also, thank you for the ENT info. You are truly a wonderful person to take the time to help a total stranger. May God bless you.
  • The best support and advice I have received regarding my tinnitus.
  • After several days of more intense symptoms, I started using the device more regularly (including to help going back to sleep in the middle of the night) and I am very pleased to report that I woke this morning hardly noticing the symptoms at all.
  • Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me earlier. You're the first person I've spoken to who seems to have an understanding about the condition and not keep telling me, "I just need to live with it".
  • Just had a call from Tinnitus Treatment Solutions and its left me feeling very positive. The man I spoke to took the time listen to my fears and symptoms and gave me all the possible explanations as to what it could be. I'm feeling very positive that my tinnitus will get better and am less worried about my MRI scan tomorrow. Anyone that's new to suffering from Tinnitus I'd definitely take the time to speak to these guys, Thank you very much!
  • Working with my clinical specialist on a weekly basis was great. He was very informative, professional and had all the answers to my questions. He is a great support person to go to. I am glad I had an opportunity to try the sound machine (Serenade). I think that everyone is different and if you have tinnitus try the sound machine- it may work for u. Thank u again for all your help.
  • SoundCure helped me a lot... I wore it a couples hours tops a day and sometimes to sleep and slowly it allowed my brain to drift it's focus away from the sound (t) which then changed my attachment to the sound (t). Then the fear around it and obsession changed and the sound lessoned.... So much of tinnitus is out brains perception of the sound .....

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