When Daniel's Window stepped into the studio for its latest batch of material, there was an especially potent aura of excitement, energy and anticipation in the air. With seven years under its belt touring over 120 dates a year and sharing the stage with the likes of Third Day, Steven Curtis Chapman, Skillet, Salvador and Rebecca St. James, the quintet runs like clockwork when it comes to creativity and continues to raise the artistic bar with each endeavor. But even with a steady stream of die-hard supporters, regular spots with Acquire the Fire, Youth Encounter and Youth Specialties events, plus two critically acclaimed projects (1999's It's a Mystery and 2003's Illuminate) members admit there was also a strange sentiment surrounding the sessions.

If there's any underlying element that can be derived from Strangely Looking Forward, its members' fervent commitment to the faith and unwavering stance when it comes to spreading the Gospel everywhere they go. Beyond trying to cash in on a craze of keep up on the current fads, Daniel's Window seeks to excel with originality and an honorable commitment to spirituality.

"Nothing this band's put out has ever been contrived and I think that lends a certain authenticity and credibility to what we're doing." concludes Heather. "It also keeps us accountable to those that have stuck with us over the years and keeps things interesting. It makes them wonder what's going to happen next and leaves us always - though sometimes strangely - looking forward."


Produced by Billy Smiley

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