Daniel's Window taped an upcoming episode of "The Harvest Show" on March 16th. Heather and Caleb discussed the Christian Music Makeover and their progress to date.

Daniel's Window taping an episode March 16th of Lesea Broadcasting's "Live From Studio B". The show will air nationwide March 31st at 8:30pm EST on DirecTV!

Daniel's Window returned to FamilyNet's "At Home Live" March 9th discussing their makeover progress. They were joined on the show by actor Mel Gibson, live via satellite.

Daniel's Window performing "You Reign" live March 9th on "At Home Live!"

"Daniel's Window visited CTN's "Bridges" March 3rd to talk about the Christian Music Makeover."

"Daniel's Window taped an upcoming episode of "One Cubed" on March 3rd, performing a few songs and talking about their Makeover. The show will air later this year on ABC Family."

Upcoming TV appearances:

April 4 - "Total Living" taping in Aurora, IL

April 15 - "The Jim Bakker Show" taping in Branson, MO










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