Actor: Daniel Kruse
Kruse was a find for director James Cotten, although truthfully it was Kruse who found Sugar Creek. “The part of Adam was not an easy role for any actor, and Dan brought everything he had, not only with his talent and craft, but by spending countless hours barefoot in the harsh Arkansas landscape, in late winter.” Kruse appears in the feature films Dead Presidents and Pilgrim’s Progress, as well as television appearances in CSI: NY and The Closer.

Character: Adam (man)
Adam Stanton is delivered into the Valley of Good and Evil… in a coffin. He is left alone, barefoot, with no idea of where he is. Along his travels to find a way home, he comes across a number of strange characters, none willing to help. Adam is being hunted by The Horseman (Death), and that leaves him friendless, without hope.  In this dance with the devil, Adam’s only chance is to look within himself.
Actor: Robert Miano
Miano brought years of experience to the role of Pete St. Clair, giving the character all the irony and depth he truly deserved. “Robert made Pete an icon for bad guys in film, you hate and love this guy all at the same time.” Miano is best known for his role of Sonny Red in Donnie Brasco, but has appeared in more films and television than can be listed, dating back to 1973. Some notables are Dungeons & Dragons, Smoke Signals, and Firestarter.

Character: Pete St. Clair (pestilence)
Pete is a cattle rancher on the outskirts of Land’s End. After the death of his wife, he found his world in decline. His eldest son Benjamin was killed in a land dispute with a neighboring prospector, and his youngest, Kane, dying of disease in the lung.  This once proud, powerful man has become a shell, a sad waste, grasping for his former glory, and falling into madness as he gets there.
Actor: Kevin Gage
The role of Sheriff Warton was written for Kevin Gage, literally and figuratively. Cotten has been a fan of Gage since he took on the role of Waingro in Michael Mann’s Heat. “I didn’t find an actor to play this character, I wrote a character for an actor. Kevin brings a natural intensity, a bigger than life persona… and he’s just a great guy.” Gage’s resume is strong, including Paparazzi, Con Air, and GI Jane.   

Character: Sheriff Worton (war)
Sheriff Warton came to Land’s End looking for peace, giving up the days of killing brought about by a war that was anything but civil. What he got for his troubles, a legend of a ghost. Warton doesn’t believe in ghosts. Driven by pride, and a lust to become a legend himself, he sets out to put an end to this legend… once and for all.
Actor: Raynor Scheine
Like Gage, the part of Frank Killings was written for Scheine. “Raynor was always a favorite for me and my friends in High School, and to have him be a part of this project was a huge honor, especially since their was no one better for Frank.” Scheine has had a marvelous career, having been in over 40 feature films. Some of his more memorable characters have been in My Cousin Vinny, Ace Ventura, The War, Fried Green Tomatoes, and The Sentinel.
Character: Frank Killings (famine)
A transient on his way to California, Frank Killings travels with his pack mule, Ebony. It’s been a poor life, always down on his luck. Killings hasn’t eaten for two weeks, and even then, it was a fight to get. He knows what desperation is. All the man wants is to see the Pacific Ocean before he dies. After crossing the Mississippi, Frank comes across Adam, but is the old timer a friend or foe.
Actor: Rebecca Harrell
Harrell started acting at a young age, premiering in the Christmas Classic Prancer. “Rebecca brings an elegance and class to her performance, keeping things simply beautiful in every move she makes. That’s what made her perfect for the role.” She has had numerous appearances in television and film, including Saint Sinner, Man of the Year, and Third Watch.
Character: Christine (Christ)
Trouble seems to come to the young Chrstine, yet somehow, she has always stood in its way. Traveling with a wayward missionary, Christine thought she had found peace. But as in all men, actions speak loud. Without good reason, he leaves her in the valley to fend for herself, where she finds Adam, beaten and broken. Christine takes it upon herself to be the one person to defend him against the coming wrath of The Horseman.
Every part in Sugar Creek has some kind of thematic value, yours to decide. The actors who played them, deserve to be mentioned for their great performances and dedication to the project.

The Present (Revelation)
Josh Payne Jacob Blythe
Grant James The Old Fence Builder
Elle Johnson Danielle Malory
Gary Ragland John Malory
Dayton Knoll Kane St. Clair
Detra Jackson Saul
Jeff Bailey Abe McGovern
Tom Reedy The Indian
M.D. Graham Bartender
James Cotten Jimmy
The Past (Genesis)
Adam Huss Lawrence
Dustin Alford Young Adam
Sarah Swofford Evelyn
Jason Davis McKinney
Mike Ortiz Timmerman
Jake Glascock Kevin
Jackson Burns Man on Tree
David Pickens Pastor