Welcome to Karateman.org. Lemme splain sumpthin to ya. My body is registered as a weapon in 53 states and I'm a lean mean karate machine so pay attention. I'm sure you are here because you are a great admirer of my skills and agility in Karate. You have probly seen me give a karate demonstration showing my expertise in the martial arts at camp or crusade. Well, I'm learnin' from Sis. Becky that there is sumpthin more powerful and more wonderful than karate and that is having a relationship with Jesus Christ. An das eggzackly right, cuz Jesus is a friend who sticks closer than a brother and who has the ability to help me out of any situation, and I seem to get into a lot of situations like when I got my self a genuine Karate Man Mobile.

 So, I know you would like for me to go on and on about my knowledge of karate, I'm going to devote this site to informing you about In His Hands Ministries and how Bro. Bill and Sis. Becky Harness,

and Heather and all the others, are helping families all over the country find out how to have a relationship with Jesus.


Make sure you check the schedule to see when Karate Man and In His Hands Ministries will be in a town near you and make plans to attend.

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