KARATE MAN - While using very little Karate, Karate man has a desire to do something big or be someone special and always ends up finding out through stumbling and bumbling that we are truly special and someone when we are what God made us to be.







What does Lewis need? Lewis needs help!
Always needing help and having such low self-esteem, Lewis helps us every night to understand the scripture verse and to realize that we can get help if we just ask.




ELDON LAMAR - Loving the girls, life, and always in pursuit of a good time, Eldon Lamar usually helps us understand that things are not always what they seem. Easy is not always the best and more is not always good; however, in the end he always sees that God has an answer for every situation he gets into.






It's time for another Bible story with "Simon Scripture, yes, lover of the word of God, the inspired word of the prophets, the B-I-B-L-E yes thats the book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E. The BIBLE!"


Simon always helps with the Bible story for the night. He always has a good time, and even though he sees the stories in a sometimes strange and unique way he always gets the right message in the end and leaves to share it with family and friends.




GREEN MAN - Usually through lack of listening or lack of understanding he brings out the point for the night's service or the theme for the week.




THE POSSOMS - The possoms are always into something. They will bring the scripture verse, Bible, or some prop for the service that night. They love to play and even though they don't talk their actions always say a lot.

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