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Personalized care is superior to any "one size fits all" solution.

Responsible tinnitus care involves more than just a pill or vitamin. Contact us for a proper diagnosis and assessment before beginning any treatment.


Flavonoids as Tinnitus Treatment?

Some people have questions about flavonoids, bioflavonoid, or Lipo-Flavonoid®. Flavonoids are plant compounds. Examples of foods with high flavonoid content are tea, onions, parsley, berries, and dark chocolate.

We believe maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle is always a good idea. And it's tempting to think a food or pill could relieve one's tinnitus. But relief from chronic tinnitus must begin with a proper diagnosis, especially to rule out any potential serious underlying conditions, and requires an approach that adequately addresses both the neurological and emotional components of this condition. It is important that your medical history, hearing, and other factors be considered in your treatment program.

Consult this page for general information about flavonoids and what they are.

This Consumer Reports article provides more information about the risks associated with supplements.

Speak to one of our audiologists regarding your tinnitus treatment. We can advise you regarding your history of tinnitus, its possible cause and severity, and treatments you may have already tried. We will assess and educate you, determine your candidacy for sound therapy, counsel you regarding the different types of therapies available, and make appropriate recommendations concerning treatment. Our goal is to help you successfully habituate to your tinnitus, so you can get back enjoying life.



We love what we do, and we love seeing patients feel better!

What People Have to Say About Our Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus help

Dr. Bush is a very very kind lady. I'm so glad to [have been] matched with her with my start of this recovery. She gave me a lot of reassurance and how to properly use the sound generators. I'm trying to actively not think about my tinnitus. I know when I do that, it puts me in a spiraling whirlpool. It's very difficult, but I know I won't get anywhere if I keep thinking about it. I really do hope I see some improvement in my health. I've been wasting a lot of money with different medications, medical appointments, etc.

Tinnitus relief

Thank you for being so understanding and patient with me earlier. You're the first person I've spoken to who seems to have an understanding about the condition and not keep telling me, "I just need to live with it".

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