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Have questions about the "best" tinnitus treatment available? Looking for a cure, better sleep, or natural non-invasive treatment? Here are answers to some common tinnitus treatment questions.


How to Stop Tinnitus

Is there a cure for tinnitus?

Many people ask us about how to cure tinnitus. The more appropriate question to ask is, "Can one get relief from tinnitus?" Yes, tinnitus relief is possible. Almost everyone can hear at least some degree of "ear noise" or tinnitus sound in a quiet environment. But not everyone suffers because of it. Why do some people suffer more than others? Why do some report loud tinnitus while others perceive it as soft?

Research for a “cure” is ongoing, but may take years. Our focus is on reducing the suffering of those whose tinnitus interferes with their enjoyment of daily life, starting today.

Successfully treated tinnitus patients report they enjoy growing windows of time where they do not notice their tinnitus at all, and during the times that they do, their tinnitus seems less loud, they notice it less often, and it is less bothersome to them, enabling them to enjoy daily life again. This process is called habituation and is well understood and clinically documented.

What is the best treatment for tinnitus?

Every patient is different. One who has tinnitus as a result of impacted wax for example would require different treatment approach than one who has tinnitus as a result of noise damage. There is no single, "one size fits all" solution. Therefore the "best" tinnitus treatment depends on the specifics of your case. For clinically suitable patients, we favor Habituation Retraining Therapy (HaRT) because sound therapy has been well studied and proven to be effective for many. In addition, we believe that a treatment device alone is insufficient; our comprehensive, guided treatment plan ensures that you will be adequately counseled, educated, and monitored throughout each stage of your treatment.

Is there a natural remedy for tinnitus?

Sound therapy is a natural tinnitus treatment. Sound is natural and holistic. Using sound therapy requires no pills, drugs, or surgery. Listening to sound initiates a neural response in the auditory cortex and can also affect our mood and emotions. All you have to do is listen to the treatment sounds/tones.


How can I sleep with tinnitus?

In a very quiet environment, tinnitus may be more noticeable because there are no other sounds to distract you from hearing it. Successful habituation with HaRT means that over time you will notice your tinnitus less and less, even when you are not using your sound therapy device, thus reducing the likelihood of these episodes. In the meantime, we suggest keeping a soft, low sound around you at bedtime so you are not in total quiet (such as a fan). We also offer two inexpensive products that can help: a simple tabletop sound generating machine that plays peaceful nature sounds, and a special sleep pillow with embedded speakers and relaxing sounds.

How can I get tinnitus relief if I have hearing loss?

Many people think that their tinnitus interferes with their hearing; In fact, most of these people have two separate conditions – hearing loss and tinnitus. Our HaRT treatment program is suitable for those with, or without hearing loss. If you struggle to hear well, one good solution is a tinnitus hearing aid. It amplifies surrounding sound and also includes an embedded tinnitus masker which plays a soothing sound. There are many tinnitus masking sounds available, just as there are many brands and styles of hearing aids. For those who do not want a tinnitus hearing aid, or whose hearing loss is not bothersome, an ear-worn sound generator is a good option.

Sleeping with Tinnitus

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What People Have to Say About Our Tinnitus Treatment

Tinnitus help

I've had tinnitus since 2012 and it is unbearable. I saw an ENT who told me there was no solution, just deal with it and learn to live with it – that was bad, when he said that I felt like I'd been punched. [TTS Audiologist] William gave me some good news, and hope, and now there is light at the end of the tunnel. I appreciate that.

Tinnitus relief

I've had the most prolonged period of relief I've experienced yet. I've noticed snatches of relief here and there but when it lasted into the night I was really on cloud nine. ... the relief has been so solid and real lately, that it's now irrefutable. Understanding that it is still fairly early in the treatment, it has all been enough to really lift me up and make me look forward to life without the condition!

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